In the black of the night
By the light of the moon
Strange things happen in the mist and gloom

Werewolves howl and vampires sigh
As ghosts and witches fly on by

For this is the night they all agree
To have the most fun and so you'll see
That Halloween night is the one to share
For monsters and trick or treaters everywhere

Jack o'lanterns and black cats sit
Viewing the graveyard as the moon is lit

Evil grins get bigger still
As darkness grows so does the thrill
For these spooks are aware
Just how easy it is to scare
Trick or treaters young and old
From house to house in the growing cold

Chocolate and candy and apples for snacks
Dropped by the handful into your sacks

House after house you visit with glee
Wondering what your next treat will be


Ottawa, Canada (EST)

Special Dates & Events
  October 14 - Thanksgiving
October 31 - Halloween


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