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Cruella Paroled Cruella's 2nd Chance Cruella Meets Fluffy Parents Dottie & Dipstick
Kevin Rescues Oddball Cruella Changes Cruella's Dream Coat Chloe & Dipstick Tour Cruella's Home
Dottie Protects Domino, Little Dipper & Oddball Oddball Escapes Dognapping Cruella Spots Oddball Cruella Takes the Train to Paris
Oddball Chases the Train Waddlesworth Finds his Wings Waddlesworth & Oddball Make Plans Cruella Spots the Rescue
Cruella Chases Oddball Messy Payback Cruella Cake Topper Cruella Captured
Happy Family Reunion $$$$$$ Reward

In support of all those living with autism.