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Mrs. Potts tells the story Cogsworth & Lumiere Old woman & rose Prince & old woman
XmasBelleSkates.jpg (51477 bytes)
Evil Forte CBelle meets Angelique Christmas goodies Belle Skating
XmasAngeliquedecorates.jpg (78113 bytes) XmasCogworthdecorates.jpg (89003 bytes) XmasBelleGift.jpg (76006 bytes) XmasChipGifts.jpg (79431 bytes)
Angelique decorates Happy Cogsworth Belle's gift to Beast Gift happy Chip
XmasBelleAxe.jpg (58015 bytes) XmasFife.jpg (61990 bytes) XmasChipFootRest.jpg (76555 bytes)
How to cut a tree? The perfect tree! Fife slides Chip hunts for a tree
XmasBeastangry.jpg (104139 bytes) XmasBelleDungeon.jpg (78453 bytes) XmasBeastGift.jpg (115022 bytes)
Beast is angry Belle imprisoned! Beast finds his gift Music of pain
Xmasdance.jpg (78739 bytes)
Beast destroys Forte Belle & Beast happy again Christmas mirror

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