Alex's site is a work in progress.
I continue to improve and update as often as time permits. 

I have been working on a new page that will be called "Alex's Art Page".
On this page there will be Alex's original paintings on canvas and drawings as well.
It will take some time to complete but please check back, they will be worth viewing.

For now I have created and downloaded 162 word search puzzles for your enjoyment!

If you have any suggestions, comments or find any errors,
please don't hesitate email me and let me know.
I would love to hear from you!

Ontario, Canada

This website was created to celebrate Alex and his continuous struggle to fit into the world we live in. Alex's life is a roller coaster of ups and downs but it is also one of hope and triumphs.

Alex has autism. When he was little, Alex had no interest in anything or anyone around him until he discovered Disney cartoons and movies. It was little things at first, color and movement, and before long he was mimicking song words. Alex would watch the movies over and over again until he knew the dialogue almost word for word. This had quite an effect on him and his daily life. Somehow Disney reached Alex and as a result of that first step, he slowly began noticing people and taking an interest in the world around him. With time Alex changed from a totally unresponsive and distant child, to the loving man he is today.

2003 brought more challenges in the form of grand mal seizures. There has been no medical reasons found for Alex's epilepsy. Seizures just appeared one day and has been with us ever since. Although he has been injured and has had to deal with paramedics, hospitals, too many tests and needles, he has taken it in stride and handles whatever comes calmly and patiently, much better than we do. It continues to be very hard on him but with his daily medication we hope his seizures will be few and accident free and maybe one day non-existent. 

*~*Update - Alex has been seizure free since June 2009*~*

Alex works hard to achieve the little things we take for granted and he is succeeding. Each day is a challenge and Alex tackles it with a smile and a great sense of humor.

Alex's life is a continuing success story, one that his family is proud to be a part of.

Keep on working and dreaming, Alex.
You have come a long way and the journey never ends.
I love you and I am very proud of you!


Disney's Shere Khan is Alex's Guardian.
He protects Alex's site from all things negative
and has done a great job since 2001!

Thank you, Shere Khan!

In support of all those living with autism.

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April 11, 2022

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